Girls, 18-24 what do you think of young guys who shave off all their hair like Adam Levine did? Can a guy still look good or be dateable without hair?

I have something that made me lose hair at 18 and have to shave bakd, yeah kinda self conscious but pulled it off okay so figured I could still find an attractive girl who'd find me attractive (looks so matter people) but I seen a bunch of hate towards Adam Levine for shaving his head and now am wondering, is bald really a turn off to you girls? Be honest I am with my higher standards but I only want ones I won't lower them, (being said I actually could date a bald girl if she were slender and had a beautiful face as those are the two musts for me) so please be honest
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  • Bald is a turn off enough that it's usually a dealbreaker this young
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  • A young guy with no hair can still be attractive physically and I would date a guy with no hair without having an issue with it
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  • i feel like it would depend on the structure of your face.
    having your head shaved in itself is not a turn off. how you look while it is shaved might be.


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