Hmmm... Girl playing hard to get?

Hi, so to make the long story short. There is this vietnamese (raised and born in viet) girl that I text with. And it was all going well, we would text and flirt everyday even though we have known each other for only about half a month. We even met a few times. Then one day when she went out with her friends she called me when she got completely drunk saying she called because she wanted to talk to me. It was about 5 or 6am. On the same day at lunch she said her stomache felt like crap so I bought something for her stomache and gave it to her in person. After I went home I asked her how her friends was, who is also my friend. I texted her the way I usally do.. like in a flirting way? I don't know.. then she completely? changed. I could tell from her way of sending messages. She even said lets go out sometime when she was drunk but I dont think she remembers from the way she responded, in my opinion. I asked her what is wrong or is there something going on? All she says is im exhausted. I don't know work maybe? or other stuff? She barely looks and responds to my messages the way she use to.. On the same day a friend of mine and hers asked me to help them on some documents for college entrance applications. She kind of looked worn out. Anyways I got a peek of her sending messaging and sending sad emoticons to a person. Dont know if its a guy or girl. So,,, was is wrong with her? Is she kind of playing hard to get.. or is it something else? How should I respond? Thank you for taking the time to read this~


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  • She's playing hard to get. You need to collect more of her toe nail clippings and sniff her hair more often when she's not looking.
    Also make sure to stay at least 100 yards away from her at all times.


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