How do I get a girl to like me more than anybody else in the world even though I'm handicapped?

There's a girl that works in my favorite pizza place. I wanna ask her out really badly. But I don't know if she'll go for me. Because I'm handicapped. Could anyone give me some advice?


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  • You never know if you don't ask... And handicapped people are just as amazing as other people, my dad, couldn't smell, was missing his left hand and his right thumb, and he was blind. (It's a long but amazing series of stories, if anyone is curious just message me) and he was such an incredible person!

    Go ahead and ask her! Good luck!


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  • It's not how u get her but it's how u keep her... I know what u are going through and my handicap is doing its job just fine tearing my relationship to bits.. Although I trusted her with this completely. So unless u have superb confidence or huge pile of money I won't suggest going after a girl... Sorry but it's a truth for people like us...

    • My left side doesn't work that well. Also have seizures.

    • Sorry to hear that friend... I dont even know what i have... Its an undiagnosed disease or disorder. . can't move a lot.. . Just a lot of pain everywhere... Just pain... Makes me miserable all the time.. even if we get the girl of our dreams its almost impossible to keep them... But u should try... I am trying.. .

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  • Honestly most girls like it when guys be them self when they show there true feelings, and not show fake feelingsfeelings. You also got to be positive about what you want to tell her, if she does turn you down your gonna be hurt but more will come, be your self.


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