Is this kind of girl intimidating or cool, anything else?

I saw a girl who looked like this, and I want to emulate her persona. Here goes:

She was slim, tall, had what I think was natural dark red hair done in a 1940s retro "victory rolls" hairstyle, was wearing classic make up (red lipstick and mascara), a black 1940s skirt suit, black heels, black raybans and was carrying a leather suitcase with that lock thing on it - and she was smoking a cigar as she walked past me, and she also had one of those small whiskey flask things like James Bond. She was very quiet and low key.

She was confident, walking with her head held high.

She looked almost like a woman "you wouldn't mess" with or a 'female gangster' who has earned a lot of money - again, sorry for the similes, but like something out of the movie 'Pulp Fiction'. She seemed to be very strong-headed.

What would you think if you saw a younger woman like this?


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  • I'd think she has a drinking problem if she's walking around with a hip flask during the day.

    You dig her style do you? Just go for it, forget what anyone else thinks.

  • I'd think , "Wow , she looks cool" and go about my day. I always have huge confidence and walk with my head held high.


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