Why are Asian girls so popular now? Will Indian men be popular in Anglo countries?

Im not hating the fact, Im ok with it but it seems like a choreographed phenomenon... Im always interested in what society picks up as a trend etc etc

When I was in high school (close to 10 years ago) there were not many Asian girls dating non Asian guys for a variety of reasons...

Now if you walk by a college you see Asian girls holding hands with all kinds of guys...

Now I know that this is a societal wave but Im wondering what has changed because Im sure 10 years ago the girls looked the same and acted the same... My theory is the media actively influences and brainwashes the masses to like or hate certain races... I hope one day Indian men become popular in America , UK and Australia... I think they do well in Asia and Russia and Continental Europe but the Anglo countries have always been the most racist due to Britains influence

Indian men are the last real men... White guys are gay or weird. Black guys are troubled and failures... Arabs treat women badly and are lazy... Asian guys dont have personality or heart...

Indian men are family men and fun...


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  • I think you're getting caught on too many stereotypes. A person is only worth the value they put forward, not claimed to who they are as a race. You can't change your race but you can change your attitude and be more than your race. Lots of people can only see race, but those are the shallow weaker people. Not all Whites are weird. Not all Blacks are trouble. Not all Arabs treat women badly. Not all Asians are without personality. And not all Indians are without value. Your right, Indian's are very family oriented and fun. I have a few friends from San Francisco who are pretty cool. You don't need to have everyone love you. You just need to love everyone.


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  • You are racist. Indian men are in Fear the Walking Dead so. Maybe you're wrong.

  • Asian girls popular? I don't think so.


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