Girls, If you really liked a fat guys personality, would you wait for him to lose weight so you can date him?

So say this guy is awesome and is easy to talk to and you two have great chemistry. The only thing that’s stopping you is that he's around 240 pounds fat. And every time he asks you out you tell him no. Then he promises to lose the weight if you promise to not date anyone while he exercises. Would you wait for him? Or would you just date other people and not even bother with the fat guy?
  • I would wait for him.
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  • I would not wait for him.
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  • I don't care of he's fat. I'll date him.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Um... i wouldn't wait for him while he exercised. But if we met again in a few years and he was fit (still having a great personality) then sure.


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What Girls Said 3

  • Either you like the person right now, as they are, or you don't.

  • A body can change, you can become more fit and lose/gain weight. A crappy personality... not so much

  • I don't like guys for their personality.

    • alright then. you like what you like.

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