My boyfriend is going to holiday with his friend not me druing Christmas. Am I wrong to upset with him. ?

we are togetger almost 6 months. during this time i was keep asking him i need holiday and wanna go somewhere, he was telling ok but did not arrange and i was so busy to look. and now he booked a holiday with his friend. I told him, i am upset he did not go holiday with me but now going with his friend. he just said sorry. and now he spent all his money and holiday we can't go anywhere. I did not argue with him. But am i wrong to think like that?


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  • The fact that he just said, ''ok'' it was pretty inconsiderate and somehow not taking this exclusive seriously. It's common guys will tend to fall into complacent mode when things ''seem'' going well from the surface between both of you. If he truly cares, I guess he will come out with something like, ''hey babe, im going out on a vacation with my friends. We should plan something few months later, because i may lack of money, and time. I will let you know an original idea when i figured it out, don't be mad? Kay.''

    • it is really nice to hear that kind of comments from a guy. he is definetly far from nice and kind explanation.

    • Yes. We need validation from time to time, to avoid being neglected. You may choose to be honest with your boyfriend by communicate with him openly. If he doesn't want to reciprocate, then u may choose to move on with somebody. Life is too short.

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  • No, I don't think you're wrong. Why not do the same thing and have some time away with one or more of your friends? :)

    • yes.. i wil definetly do.. Just I am trying to understan his behaviour and i dont wanna argue with stupid stuff but this seems quite important to me.

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  • No u are not wrong but maybe he went with his friend because he wanted some alone time
    Why don't u go somewhere yourself as well

    • I am sure he has some good explanation but still I am upset. We dont have long relationship and our first opprtunity to have holiday together and to know each other better. from my point, he should first give this chance to us and when he want to go second time then he should go with his friend.

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  • He's a dick.

    • may be. i am trying to understand if he is or not..

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