Just found out 332,000 people pay for the premium features on tinder. Would you pay?

Just curious how many believe tinder can aid in their dating life.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I paid for POF and Match. I found that those who were more serious tended to pay to meet others interested in relationships as well, where free users were more hook-up mentality.


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What Guys Said 3

  • Honestly, I have no problems finding women to meet without Tinder. I never saw the point of it.

    • Lol, says the ladies man. Some guys aren't so lucky.😂

  • I've matched a few. But I doubt there're quite a numbers of white women around my living area. I guess those are fake profiles being created. Agree?

    • Yeah I believe there are some fake profiles on the site to lure people in.

    • Really, I don't like this shit...

    • When I was using online dating this one website had obvious fake accounts. Some of the straight males you would see were phony accounts using the images of gay porn stars. 😂

  • Tinder is shit... All these people paying for this extra stuff are just as insecure as the free users. Not to mention the number of attention whores who also put they insta or snapchat on there. Like, do you seriously want these random people to have those? What a turnoff


What Girls Said 1

  • I would never pay, what's the point? Post a few semi-revealing and morally questionable photos in your moments on there and the dudes practically bust down your door.


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