College guys/girls: what's your perceptive on this friendship situation?

Over the summer this guy and I matched on tinder. He was spending his summer in the area before going back to University in the fall. We chatted and found out we had similiar tastes, and exchanged numbers. We were planning to meet up at music festival, but our phones died that die and couldnt get a hold of each other. During that that summer I was also talking to different guys and going on dates, so not meeting up with this particular guy didn't bother me. We followed each other on social media, and after that the summer eventually ended. We both went back to school. I would see him on instagram, and occasionally like his photos. Around the fall time, midterms, I got the urge to comment on one his photos "cutie" with a little kissing emoji. After that, instantly, he did the same to one of my photos, and then direct messaged me. He sent a hey whats up, I replied with a hey back, but then he never replied. A few weeks later, my birthday came up and I posted a birthday selfie, With lots of comments on the photos, I saw he had commented on it as well. I replied back with a thank you and another kissing emoji. A few minutes later he messaged me and said he'll be in the city this weekend and would love to take me on a date for my birthday. Fast foward, we went on the date, things went well. We returned back to our normal college lifes. A few nights ago, he messaged me saying he'll be in town later in November and would love to take me out again. He's a great guy and I feel that we can become closer friends! My question is, why is he going out his to take me out when he's town. Does he just want to hook up with me, or he genuinely likes me as a friend, or maybe more?


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  • You'll know when a guy's trying to SOLELY hook up with you. Usually the signs are there. Ie, he's too touchy feely with you, he's trying to ''convince'' you to have sex by asking sexual questions at a sudden, he spends so less time to ask you personal questions etc.

    • So far we haven't mentioned anything about sex. The first time we hung out it was all day, and we talked for hours about our life and goals.

    • Yeah. It's a great thing. Take your time to observe his behaviors.

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