A girl kinda friendzoned me, should I call and ask for a chance?

Okay now, there's this girl with whom i've been meeting casually. Over text, i aciddentally told her i wanted to become just more than "her friend". She replied saying, "I don't like doing theses things over text. i don't know how to react. i didn't know you thougth that way, i see you as a friend to ask what's up and consult about stuff. " After this, i said we could meet if she liked to talk about it, but she didn't respond to that. So, should i call her and ask for a meeting to have a conversation about this? Or should i let it go, because there's no way of getting a positive answer? Any opinion is much appreciated.


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  • I'd give her a few days and then call. You don't want to sound pushy or desperate. I think waiting will let her know that not only are you willing to give her space, but your willing to wait until she feels the same. Good luck!

    • It's been few days actually :D I'm waiting until her busy period in school passes, which should be about two weeks.

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    • Hmm... It's really hard to tell the difference between "she thinks your a really great friend" and "she really does like you"

    • Now, i don't think she likes me. It struck me now. There's no point trying, even though she gives me chance when she doesn't see me that way, how far am i gonna be able to go anyway?

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  • Sounds like she sees you as a friend. I would leave it alone unless you are prepared to hear her tell you she is not interested in person, since she kind of already told you in text


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  • The friendzone is forever and no one ever returns. Move on.


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