I asked her out, but what should I do with her response?

Got talking to this girl on a dating website and decided to not talk too much, but flirt etc and get things initiated sooner than later. Anyway I did that, but she is busy working and will let me know when she is free when she gets her new rota.

Here was the end of the conversation:

Girl: Hahaha I need a bit of your predicting power!!
Me: What would you like them for? Be sensible :P
Girl: I would like to know where will I stay next year in june!
Me: You'll be in Manchester, because I'll still be taking you to all the cool places
Girl: Oh yes!😎
Girl: I like that prediction!
Me: How about I take you to your first cool place, and take you out Thursday if you're free?
Girl: I'm working from today until Saturday, and I'm on standby on Sunday. So when I see the new rota I'll let you know when I'm off.

So what should I reply with? Should I keep contact going until she mentions it? Or should I just wait for her to let me know?


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  • Yea, I would just ask her to let you know, and that you'll be waiting for a response. Maybe catch up with her later and see if she's still up for going later, but don't be putting too much pressure, you'll scare her off! Seems like you're doing a good job with the convo though, man!


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