He calls me everyday. I'm not sure If I should find this cute or not?

So met a guy last week. He's called me pretty much everyday, but I've missed his calls. I either call back if I can or text him if I'm busy. Basically we keep missing each other. Yesterday was the first time we've had a proper conversation on the phone and I was surprised how sweet he seemed and how well we got along. Prior to this conversation he called me in the evening around the time he finished work.

Today he called me after he finishesd work again and I happened to be on my break so I answered. He asked if I was at home, I said I finished worked at about 9ish and he ended the conversation.

I understand this is the getting to know each stage and all Of that. I guess I'm not used to the constant calling as I've just come out of a relationship about four months ago. He doesn't come across as creepy or clingy.. its really hard to describe him.

Does anyone else share a similar experience? is this the norm?


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  • Seems like he's really into you, that's all! I would definitely appreciate the guys effort! If you guys keep missing each other's calls, just give him times throughout the week where it would be best to contact you. THat's what I did with my girlfriend cause we would always miss each others call. I wouldn't call it clingy, but just a way of saying, you're worth the effort to talking to :)

    • Lol its been a long time since I've had a guy make this much effort. I've briefly told him my schedule and he sometimes asks if I'm busy. Thanks

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  • Yeah this happen to me before! Look don't get attact to him to well. He trying to look like a great guy but... I just trust guys like that. Lol don't listen to me. Maybe he just loves talking but if you want to have some time alone ask him to stop calling everyday.

    • Haha. The one day he didn't call my mind wondered. My ex would text me everyday in the beginning and it slowly died down. He wasn't a bad guy though. His responses are always very short though I will say on the phone it was much better to gauge his personality

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    • Lool its true. Forward thinking only, thank you

    • Your very welcome!

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  • Lol if you like him then go on a date with him if you dont like him then tell him to stop calling. Its pretty obvious he likes you or he wouldn't keep calling you xD. And when i say go on a date with him you gotta push it to get him to ask you

    • I think this is the reason he keeps calling so we can meet up. I don't like this method though, I'd prefer us to arrange it beforehand instead of on the day. I'm not sure he likes me at this stage as it's still early days.

  • he's being consistent.

    only fault i see is perhaps it's at the same time of day, everyday...

    • Lol. He broke the pattern. He didn't call me yesterday and of course I wondered why.

  • It's not cute, it reeks of desperation and you are jumping from relationship to relationship which is also alarming.

    • Lol. I'm a single women, if I want to date again I'm entitled to do so. Don't make it seem like I've been in and out of relationships when you have no idea!

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