What do you do when you want to be with someone more than they want to be with you?

I mean at some point you have to face the facts and break it off I guess right?

i don't tell him often but when I do tell him things like I like him, I miss him or whatever he never says it back or tells me on his own.

I I tell him sometimes that it hurts because I feel like I have to force him to spend time with me, that I want him to want to spend time with me but I know I can't make him feel that way or blame him for it.

Ideally he should breakup with me because he sees the pain it causes me but he doesn't. When I tell him I don't think we are the same page about our relationship he just doesn't say anything.
i think he thinks as long as he doesn't flat out lie to me he isn't doing anything wrong. But just ignoring it is worse. If he cared about me at all the right thing to do would be to tell me he's not feeling it and let me go.


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  • There's no such thing as a perfectly mutual relationship. It requires work. So you need to figure out what he wants to like you more or leave it if you're not willing to change.


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  • I've definitely been where you are. My advice to you is to simply back off and distant yourself. The more distant he is, the more distant you should be. Stop nagging him and expressing yourself to him because for 1) you're only pushing him further away and 2) if he really cared about you he would do what it takes to make you happy. A relationship is between 2 people not one. If one is putting forth more effort than him, that's only going to cause you more pain. I'm not saying mistreat him like he does you, but show him that you value yourself enough to walk away if he doesn't get his act together!!


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