What are the mind games women play?

What are the types of mind games women play?


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  • I don't play any. it annoys me when men do. I stop having anything to do with them the moment I notice any

    • Well this question isn't asking if you play mind games ;) I am wondering what mind games women who do play said games, actually play

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  • Chess, checkers and backgammon. Annoying games, but women enjoy torturing men.

    • Haha, good answer, that said, I was wondering what ACTUAL mind games women play with men?

    • I love backgammon! that's one of my favorite games to play. ;)

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  • When they never initiate. When they play cold to see how far you'll chase them.

    Just drop them in a heartbeat if you feel they do crap like this. They aren't worth it.


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