Girls, Why don't you stop lying and admit that you only care about looks?

Just admit it you prefer guys who have six pack abs and who look like male celebirites. You don't care about personality whatsoever you just say you care about personality because you don't want to seem shallow.

So quit lying. You're not fooling anyone. There are and is only two ways to attract women 1. Have good looks and 2. Have lots of money or in other words be rich.

An example is these rich celebrities who date or marry women who are younger than them, these women would not even give them a second look if they weren't rich and famous.

I bet you that you wouldn't be fans of these boy bands and male pop singers if they were fat or skinny and had acne allover their face.

Women for some reason correlate good looks with personality or in other words "if he looks good it means he has a good personality"


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  • Wow... just wow, what about all the guys who only talk to amazingly good looking girls, don't be a hypocrite because I bet you want a girlfriend who's smart funny and beautiful... many guys expect to be able to attract model like girls when they aren't good looking... as sad as it is, good looking guys get hot girls and hot girls date good looking guys... deal with it

    • I've been attracted to girls who would be considered "unattractive" by 90% of guys.

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  • Wow, I'm sorry to whoever hurt you and made you this bitter. Not every girl is all about looks and I'm sorry to see that you believe that. I personally have realized that while looks are the first thing you see in a person, they aren't the most important by far. Which is the same for guys! You don't just approach someone you haven't met because they look like a nice person-- there's no way to tell if someone "looks" nice. The initial attraction is physical, but it moves beyond that very quickly.

  • Never lie about those things. I always tell people i dont date ugly/poor dudes

    • ikr good rich guys with shitty personalities are so better.

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    • Cause I see it happen. I ask questions based on what I observe.

    • Yea well not all are like that. Not all girls dates rich guys just bc they want them to buy her shits. Its maybe bc she wants to date someone whos from the same economy status as she/her family is

  • I think you are mistaken. Most women can differentiate between good looks and good personality. And while there is not necessarily s correlation, they are not mutually exclusive either.

  • First off- I hate muscular guys. Second off- yes, there are girls which care about looks only, but same goes for some guys.
    I don't care about money, and am sure plenty of girls don't too.
    Just because you have had bad luck and have stumbled only on shallow girls doesn't mean every single girl is that way. Stop generalizing and take a good look around you. It's the same thing if I say "Ohhh, this guy cheated on me, so that means all guys are cheaters!".


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