Is Thanksgiving with the family a big deal?

I've been seeing this guy for a couple months, but we aren't official. Anyways, his family lives in Switzerland and so he doesn't do anything for Thanksgiving. I invited him to my family's Thanksgiving (as a joke, assuming he'd say no) but he said he'd love to come. I'm really excited that he wants to come and all that, but it kind of bothers me that we aren't official and he's coming to a family holiday? It might just be me being impatient about the relationship. Do you think bringing him home for Thanksgiving is a big deal? Should I "define the relationship" before then?

I'm just thinking of walking in the door and being like "hey mom, this is my not friend not boyfriend" hahah


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  • Sounds to me like you are being impatient. You have a close friend that happens to be from Switzerland. He will be excited to share a unique cultural experience and your family will be excited to share it with him. As a side note, you just happen to be interested in him as more than a friend. So you just describe him as a good friend that you wanted to share this experience with.


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