What does this mean? does she like me or not?

basically, there's this girl I like, and recently about a week or so we haven't spoken at all, although i see her in my class. recently she told me that she hasent seen me in ages, when in fact we've looked at each other and being in the same class but had not talked to each other. I'm wondering if this means anything or if I'm just looking into it too much. can you help me please.


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  • I would try talking to her until you get comfortable with her. The things you told me are not big enough signs

    • i mean we've spoken before a lot, she always laughs at my dumb jokes, we went mc donalds once and talked for a long time (we went mc donals because she wanted to wait with me until i had to go somewhere), and from there we didn't speak at all until now really.

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    • thanks for the advice, i'll try my hardest. :)

    • no prob

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  • Maybe she was just trying to start a conversation. Try asking her on a date. If she says no, then oh well, there will be other girls and you can save a lot of time daydreaming on someone who may not like you. The first step is always a date. Asking her on a date lets her know you are interested in her as more than just a friend. If she accepts she's also open to that prospect. If she says no, then oh well. Maybe you guys go on a few dates, then it can turn into a relationship or maybe it ends because she realizes you're not her type. Or hell, maybe she's really weird and YOU end it. Either way, just ask her out. Dates man, they're the shiz.

    • cool, thanks man. I need to definitely start doing that, need to get ride of these annoying fears and do it really.

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    • thanks, bro. regrets is one of the worst feelings ever, its a slow painful death. thanks for motivating me bro, now a feel much better and can't wait for tomorrow when i see her, and find the strength to just ask her out. hopefully everything goes well and I save myself from a lot of regret pain the day after tomorrow and the future.

    • Right on man! No matter how it turns out, you're a boss for trying!

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