Guys, Should I move on or wait it out?

long story short I majorly messed it up with this guy I liked by gettign too drunk and sending embarssing texts and saying some really mean stuff that i didn't even remember. i apologized many times but it happened two days in a row and he told me he ddnt want to continue talking and i asked if hed give me another chance and he said no. Then a few days after i texted him bc i left some of my clothes at his place that i wantd back and he we started talking about everything and he tells me how he saw a future with me and even tho we didn't have sex yet or have the serious talk he told his parents about me in hopes of it goign somewhere so when i asked again to just give me a chance he said he just didn't see it working in his eyes. but then i run into one of his best friends and she tells me how much he liked me all this and how he's not over it... so like is there something i can do? or do i just move on?


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  • Just move on his mind is made up. Just because you like each other doesn't mean you're bf/gf compatible


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