Should I ask him on a date?

So there is this friend that I have started to like... so about a week and a half ago I texted him and asked him to lunch. He said yes, so we went and he actually bought me lunch which was very sweet of him. That day I texted him and told him thanks for lunch and we texted for a bit. We had talked about a movie that day so I had told him some more about it and he ended up saying "If I didn't have stuff to do this weekend I would go... maybe the weekend after?" I was a bit confused on if he was implying we go together. I still don't know. He is in theater and I went to watch the show that they did and he texted me the next morning and told me thanks for going and he hoped I liked it. We continued to text again. Yesterday, I asked him to lunch again... kind of last minute and we went. It was really nice to get to talk to him because we get along so well. I'm really starting to ask him but I don't know if he is at all interested in me or interested in getting to know me as more than just a friend... Should I ask him on a date? or wait and see if he was implying we go to the moives this weekend?


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  • YES!!! ASK HIM! Confidence is awesome in a girl. You obviously like him. Dates are AWESOME! asking someone on a date is saying " Hey look, I like you, I think you're awesome and I think there may be something here between us. I'm opening my self up and i'd like a chance to find out." Dating is the first step, other than friendship of some kind (which you have) to possibly forming a relationship. Asking someone on a date also has the power to keep you from spending (what seems like) an eternity in the friendzone trying to read between lines and getting confused. By asking someone on a date you get an immediate answer of "yes I see the potential lets try it" or "sorry I don't see you that way". BUT! either way, by having the confidence to ask you are putting YOU in control of you're life and emotions. Not getting strung along at the mercy of someone elses actions who may be oblivious to weather or not he should take the step. even if it's a no, feel proud you have the confidence to grab life by the horns! So... Totally do it!

    • I completely agree. I'm finally putting myself out there a little more. A year ago I would have never even had the confidence to ask him to lunch. Thanks!

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  • If someone told me that, I would say yes, he was totally implying that you both should go together. He was telling you he's free on that weekend. If he wanted to put you off, he'd have said he was busy with practice. But this guy is taking the time to meet you even last minute.
    I feel both of you are getting along well, so take it further. Text him, or ring him up, or if you meet him again, ask him. "Hey, you said that you might be going for that movie, you wanna go together?"
    The more you go out, and talk, the more you'll know if he's interested. And like that guy said, being in control and assertive gives you better chances and better answers. :)

    • Thanks for your comment. I definitely agree, I just have to work up the nerve to do it! Haha, I'm finally coming around to being able to just ask him to go with me. I really have started to like him and I think it could go somewhere! :)

    • :) Good luck! Go for it!

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  • You've been on dates. He likes you

    • So going to lunch is considered a date? Some people consider stuff like that a date and some don't... I'm not really sure what I consider it.

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    • I disagree, I meet with girls that are friends, and If I call them a "Date" my girlfriend would kill me. Now If I say I'm having lunch with Kelly, she's like " Oh cool say Hi for me!". To consider something a Date relationship wise, it is my belief that both parties must be aware that their intention of spending time together is in the interest of pursuing a romantic relationship together. But hey, that's my opinion.

    • @HonestGuru well said. And yea, after always going out with my boyfriend, I kind of lost track of what a "date" meant. So for us, if we go to a new place, that's a date for us. Otherwise, we just "hangout". Haha.

  • He probably sees it as that

  • He likes you he just moved watching because he didn't have time. Of course just go, go! :)


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  • I think you should give it another shot.


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