Girls, how much do you think of guys during a rough patch or after a break up?

I used to have a lot of anxiety with women so I haven't had a lot of success. That leaves me with two problems: one, a pattern of thinking that after a girl breaks up with me that she puts me out of her mind and that's it, and two, lack of experience with healthy dating.

Girls can be good about acting like they don't care or aren't thinking of you. My questions are what would have had to happen with a guy for you not to be thinking about him afterwards, how long do you spend really thinking about him after a break up, how much do you think about him, what are you thinking about him, and what are you thinking during a kind of semi-break up, where you're still texting him after telling him it was over and it's possible you'll get back together?
Also - do you think of other guys if there are still feelings and how long of a window does a guy have to get you back before you move on to someone else?


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  • Once it's over, it's over. I turn the switch off and I stop thinking about them.


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