Girls, tips on getting dates on pof?

Girls, i'd love to have some tips on getting more responses on plenty of fish. I understand you guys get bombarded with tons of messages with guys, but I want to be the one to stand out. What I do know is i'll include something about their profile in my message and get the conversation going. In my profile, I talked about my hobbies and how i'm hoping for a serious relationship and how i'm not there to hookup. I'm going to work on some better pictures of me if I can get someone to take them. What parts of a guy do girls want to see most? The face mostly?

Thanks for the help :)


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  • Hey,

    Well it doesn't sound like you are doing anything obviously wrong, by mentioning something in their profile, that's a good way to get the ball rolling. I don't like it when they message me with just a 'Hey' or 'Hi, how are you?' because it's quite boring. As for your question what parts of a guy do we want to see in a pic, well a body shot is good (with your shirt on hopefully and not posing like a wanker) so we have an idea of your physique and also a face one. That should do it.

    • A wanker. lol Haven't heard that one, but yes my shirt is on in all my photos and I have a few body shots.

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