Girlfriend said I deserve better?

I know this is a long read, but I really really would appreciate some advice on this.

I've read up on a few articles across the internet but I can't come to a conclusion on what I think about this. To summarize our troubles in our relationship and why she said this is basically this:

About 3 months into the relationship I was getting a weird vibe from her; she had cancelled plans to hang out one Friday and claimed she was going to hang out with her friend and see her friend's Aunt in the hospital. She ended up calling me that Friday and asking to come hang out with me instead; and the next day I read her texts and found out that she had cancelled because she made plans to meet up with some guy that she had a crush on all of last semester at college. She said she was 50/50 on the fence between me and this other guy, and that if she was there she would decide right away (him). I confronted her about this and talked to her, she lied to me at first but then admitted everything. I was her second choice that day.

Fast forward a few weeks, we get into small arguments such as her not showing her affection because of personnal problems, her not posting me on social media, etc. She invited me to a party and then decided to uninvite me because she wanted to just be with her friends. She stated that she was going to be drinking and that she was going to stay the night at the party. I expressed that this was not normal and how it upset me we ended up fighting over it for a few days, and last minute she decided to come to a different party with me instead.
Now just recently, I found that she had liked 2 pictures the other guy had posted on instagram just 2 weeks ago. ( We are 5 months into dating now). It was a picture of him and his grandmother who passed away and a picture of him as a child. She had told me that she cut him off completely, and liking his photos on instagram is not cutting the other person off, it's calling out for attention.
We fought about it for a while, and then she apologized to me for lying. And then through text she said that she has hurt me to much and that I deserve better. She kept rejecting my calls for about an hour until she finally picked up. She stayed to what she said for about 45 minutes and was crying. I was basically begging her because she said she still loves me, and she finally said she would stay after I explained to her why I needed her in my life. She thanked me the next morning for staying.
Please any and all input is extremely important to me, I don't know what to think about all of this. Some people are saying she is guilty when she says that, others say she is being genuine. I'm confused!


Most Helpful Girl

  • she doesn't really mean u deserve better (like someone hotter) just that you deserve a sweet caring girl who likes you. she's prob lost interest in you and still thinks of u as a genuine friends so she means you deserve someone that loves you back :)

    • But she said that she still loves me, and that she wants me to stay but she wanted to break up because she thinks I deserve better. Is this her way of trying to leave in a sugar coated manor?

    • i think so :( hate to break it to you
      but she probably does still have feelings for you, just stronger ones for someone else D:

Most Helpful Guy

  • I wouldve broke up with her in a heartbeat thats me because I have high standards.
    Red flags
    ·She lied to you
    ·She parties and drinks
    ·She put another guy between your relationship

    Im not saying break up with her but use your brain to analyze the situation before you say or do anything.

    Now likeing someones picture doesn't mean anything significant and stalking her profile means you have low self-esteem.

    The key to every relationship is trust if none of you have it then its best to move on...

    • The trigger for me to view the liking of pictures was because some other guy kept tagging the guy I was talking about in the post on her pictures. But I understand what you are saying it's just a very complex situation I can't seem to rap my head around at the moment.

    • Be Logical Ask yourself this. "Is she the right girl for me?" Don't sugar coat it and be brutally honest with yourself. I Promise you'll get the right answer.

    • Keep your chin up too don't let nothing bring you down brother :)

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What Girls Said 2

  • Basically you're her backup. The fact that she would have chosen someone else over you shows that. You said you were her "second choice that day" but it seems like you're her second choice a lot. And sorry but to be blunt probably the only reason she's still with you is because the other guy isn't interested in a relationship with her. Most likely if he decides he wants something serious she'll leave you for him. If I was you I'd get out before I got too attached.

  • a lot of men use it (u deserve better) but it's bullshit when someone tell u that , it means they don't want u in their life

    • So it's like a sweet way of breaking up with someone so it doesn't hurt their feelings? I'm just confused because she says that she still loves me.

    • it happened to a lot of my friends, and yeah they tell u u deserve better , so she won't look like a bad girl.
      honestly, never beg someone to be with them, if she loves then she will never give up and wants to leave so easy

What Guys Said 2

  • She is right, you do deserve better. I couldve told you to dump her ass one paragraph in.

    • I really do care for this girl, she makes me feel like nobody else can. I'm just trying to make things work out and show her what a real gentlemen is like.

    • You are waisting your time. She obviously has no respect for you whatsoever.

  • that bitch dumped your ass raw

    • If you would have read the post you would see that we are still dating actually.

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