Guys, how can you tell the difference between a shy guy giving mixed signals vs a guy who just isn't that interested?

Long story short: I introduced myself to this cool guy at my college. He doesn't seem to have many girls after him.. His Facebook is pretty vacant of girls in a romantic way, and my friend thinks he's nerdy. But I don't.. I consider myself quite attractive and I have been on plenty of dates so I act... Kinda right away if I see a guy I'm interested in. So.. This guy was very friendly and asked me to coffee when I said hi to him. But it's been 2 weeks, and so far it's been very odd. We don't see each other hardly ever unless we get lucky to cross paths. So I tried messaging him a few times on fb but he was out of state on a vacation.. And the other time he never responded at all. But then he randomly, a few days later, shoots me a message saying we should have coffee again soon. This guy has a few female friends and is social.. But he doesn't get girls (I don't think) based on my stalking abilities lol. I can't tell if he doesn't know how to go about this or if he's just not ready for any of this right now and isn't interested.
I never flirted with him either.. Just a friendly hey. I don't want to tell him I like him until I know him more but to do so we need to see each other more..


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  • I like to say if you like something you come back for more ;) but i suggest you set up a non friendzone wall so you dont end up like the other girls lol

  • He's probably interested


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