Do guys notice?

Do guys notice girls that are serious, long-term, and possibly marriage material? Even if they aren't ready to settle down? I've heard quite a few times that males, generally younger ones, don't typically think think far ahead.


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  • It's not so much that we don;t think ahead as we are not as interested in marriage and long term commitment. Marriage doesn't benefit men today like it used to, and young men are well aware of that.

    • What makes you say that?

    • Marriage is an arrangement to benefit women and children that used to benefit men too, but not so much today. There are fewer benefits for men and more potential pitfalls and risks. The legal system is rigged in favor of women. Men have fewer rights with respect to reproduction and parenting. We lose big time in divorce. In the past, a man was the provider for his family, he put in a hard day's work and came home to a wife who has taken care of the children and the home and made a nice dinner. Today, men are still expected to be the primary earners, plus do house work, shopping and be amazing dads, and instead of coming home to a nice dinner they come home to a wife who is just as stressed out from her job as he is. Women are generally very entitled today and men’s needs and perspectives are not considered as important as women’s. On top of all that, with the sexual revolution came easy access to sex outside the marriage, so that motivation is gone as well. I could go on.

    • I figured it was something in that direction, but I can see why it's an issue

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