Last year I use to have a class with a guy that I started to develop feelings for. We use to laugh and talk all the time and we use to sit really close together. He was always supr sweet to me and nice and just everything. And it always felt like he would find like ways just so he could touch me. I saw him outside of scool once at the groccery store and I was looking so not cute at all and I had on tese leggings that made my but look huge. Bigger than it actually is and when I finished talking to him and I started walkng away I turned arond ans saw that he was looking at my ass. This school year he's in one of my classes as a TA. I always see him staring at me sometimes but he makes me so nervous. And I act like such a freak when I get around guys that I like. Im already very shy and quiet but thats increase by hundreds if I like you. He always stares at me in that class. Whenever we pass eachother in the halls we always make this intese eye contact. And when ever someone talks about me in a mean way in the math class I always see him get this angry look on his face but he never says anything. You guys I am still crushing on him. Like hardcore crushing and I have no idea what to say, what to do or how to act around him. I would like to get back on the talking levell with him again at least and I can take care of the rest from there I think.


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  • Stop trolling this site. Guys like big asses and you know that. We stare at girls we are interested in and you know that. And all of the other things you've "questioned" have been obvious.

    So either this is real and you have no idea how to interpret obvious queues, in which case you literally need to walk up to him, tell him you think he's hot and you want him to take you out one night, or you're some kind of marketing mole and you need to not taint a really good site with your BS.

    • Dude are you serious. I asked a question. There for if you don't have an answer that has to do with said question then don't respond. The name of the site is girl ask guys asshole. I didn't tell you to comment and be rude to me for no damn reason. Obviously you don't need to be using this site because it's clear to see that you don't know how it works. You can take your opinion and shove it up your ass. Would you like me to draw you a map so that when I tell you to go to hell you'll know exactly where to go. You act like I went out in public with the intentions on seeking him out. Get off my question you ass

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    • I'm sorry but it's so obvious from your question that he likes you that I honestly thought you were trolling.

    • No it's okay I completely understand your frustration, but I honestly wasn't. I've never had a boyfriend before this is all so new to me so I'm not really sure how everything goes

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  • It's okay to act like a freak

    • Lol thanks. I try not to; but I seriously can't help it. In not good with guys at all. They try and ask me out a lot but I'm so fucking shy and Awkward I have no idea how to put a channel on my emotions.

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    • Does he have any other social media accounts that he uses frequently? Like maybe a Facebook, or a Twitter. If he has a Facebook I would say take the bold approach and post on his wall telling him how you feel. That you miss him. He was a really good friend of yours. Just tell him how you feel babe. Just be 100% straight up with it. You could also try calling. If he doesn't pick up leave him a voice mail letting him know what's up. Guys love love LOVE honesty

    • Thanks for you help. I'm not so sure he'd respond there if he won't respond to a simple text though.

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  • I think he really does like you..

    • Thank you very much! It honestly means a lot to here because I wasn't very sire

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