Girls, Why is she like this?

I hang out with a female friend commonly, and my wife protests our outings and hangouts. All we do is play video games, hit the gym, and go to dinner. my wife slapped me after we hugged goodbye in front of my wife. Her husband even yelled at us after coming home at midnight after drinks.

we kissed and had sex in college. and we slept with each other and dated for a while. I even stayed at her house while drunk before she got a boyfriend (now married).

nothing is happening between us! We are ONLY friends!

My wife believes we are having an affair and banned me from seeing her. I now have to sneak out and hide my phone when I text my friend. The furthest we go is hugging and flirting (compliments like "you look handsome" and nice dress"


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  • Sticky situation as you had A PAST. Then again, the jealousy from your wife and her husband happens out of their deep love.

    I guess it comes down to reassuring your wife she is the only one. A conversation is much needed. The scarfices people make in relationships that I sometimes don't understand? Possibly this is where it's heading too. Either you reduce the outings/no longer being friends or Divorce your wife? Good luck!

    • we're jsut hanging out, not hooking up

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    • 1. how do you work guy friends out with your man?

      2. is my wife's reaction justified? even the slap?

    • I'm sorry that happened to you with the miscommunication.

      I've never been in this situation but have seen relationships where a person had to cut all ties with their bestie to make a relationship work. Others times its figuring how often you can hang out with your buddy or making sure it's just not you two only with your partner knowing.

      Guess be real and honest about where you stand in all this and she shouldn't worry. Also how important your friendship is and it will be nothing more. The slap is justified only cause her emotions got the best of her. Again, I hope it all works out.

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  • Um your history with her should be more than enough reason to stop talking to her.. Sorry but thats your wife and she isn't okay with it so you're going to continue doing it even though she's obviously hurt about it.. If you have to hide it doesn't that seem like a problem? You and the other woman might as well divorce and get together because you two love one another more than your partners it seems.

    • we're both married, and love our spouses

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