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Ok I'm only 15 and my ex is 18 and his now girlfriend is 17 and she doesn't know about me but how would you feel if this little 15 year old ex was talking to your boyfriend and he still loves her like he always ask to cuddle he's all over her and she could easily take him away from you that's why you don't know about her u also don't know about her because their dating was a secret because that's how she wanted it to be so how would you feel?


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  • This is too fucked up. You and him separate and him and her separate. You two get dates only when your emotional mature enough

    • As I get asked out by guyswoarein their 29s I also have a 19year old who would love to have MW and plus other 18 year old plus guys my age who want me 😊

    • Your being used. Don't let that happen cause your worth so much more than that. 18+ guys are pedophiles. They like you cause your young and easy to manipulate

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  • I had something similar all though at the time I was 18 and his ex was 25, she was immature and always found a way to bully me online it was anonymous but obviously it was her, constantly stalked my tumblr when I had it and my social media, I'm guessing she had to block me because she found herself constantly lurking my instagram. When we got together it was obvious she was still inlove with him, they broke up due to distance and he couldn't handle her insecurities. Age is a number but it does hurt a little when someone who is way younger is intimidating.


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  • Little 15? Not so innocent haha

    • I know I'm not i also have a 19 year old who would love to have me and guys who are in their 20s

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    • Yeah I only weigh 125 pound and I'm 5'7 without shoes on

    • Hottie

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