Guys, if a girl is quiet & reserved on your first few dates... Do you get bored or annoyed and end things?

I'm 21.. I'm quiet.. Not shy really.. Sometimes. But mostly, I just keep a lot in and to myself and I find it difficult to share a lot about myself or to be myself around strangers. I mean, I am myself... But I'm just more subdued. I started seeing this guy.. We are friends so far & have only met up once. We met for a couple of hours and he was SO talkative. Which was great. But I found that I was much less talkative than he was.. Not painfully quiet.. I Just shared hardly anything about myself and mostly asked him questions and commented on things he told me. We ran into each other today.. And again.. I just get SO tongue tied around him!! Grr! Other guys, I speak normally and have all the confidence I need. But with him.. It's as if I have a brick in my mouth. We are meeting again this weekend... I don't want him to get frustrated or bored because he thinks I have no depth and I'm weird.

Do guys have patience for girls they like? Or do they easily knock one out because she is difficult to know?


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  • Hey there! You're just tongue tied cause you like the guy! I was like that with my current girlfriend and honestly am still loosening up. This might seem like you're not interested so make sure you put in the enthusiasm of seeing him. If you can't do it with conversation yet, just make sure to keep sending him signals of interest in subtle ways.

  • If girls don't say what they feel even after few dates, guys may assume that she doesn't like them. Put yourself in their shoes. I'm sure you'll think the same too. Has nothing to do with gender.

    • Well I went up and talked to him first... So I feel like he must know I like him, no?

    • In that case, its fine. Also, if you are not able to communicate well with him in person, try to do it over a phone call or while chatting. He shouldn't think that you're losing interest.

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