Is he hinting that he wants more of my time?

On Halloween he made it very obvious that he wanted me to tag along with him and his cousin to a haunted house. Another girl volunteered to join, but he didn't look too interested in her answer. Instead he turned to me and continued talking about how fun it'd be. Though he never directedly invited me, so I didn't say I'd go. I felt like it'd be rude to invite myself since I wasn't sure this was even an invation. The next day he told me I should have came. (And I should've, damn it).

That same day he was involved in a conversation with me and my aunt, who mentioned that we should go to the new bounce house that just opened up. Immediatly, the guy I like jumped up and said he wanted to come, too. He looked so serious with his smile toward me. It was cute.

Do you think he's showing interest, and does he want to spend time with me? Maybe he's just doing this to be friendly. I don't know. He's a real goofball, so it's difficult to read him. Help ~


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  • He's interested... there's more to it than being a goofball.


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