Snooping on ex might give me some closure?

Basically we broke up, I have a hunch something was going on behind my back... I have her fb password.. should I follow my gut and snoop, or leave it alone
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  • If you did find out something was going on behind your back, wouldn't that open up more wounds?

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    • Thanks for mho :)

    • Your welcome, chose the path of ignorance.
      Thanks for pointing out secrets are best letting be

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  • ignorance is bliss, why search for pain

    • Ignorance is bliss... Spot on

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  • Don't do it - just don't do it! It's really out of order and will not achieve anything, plus you do know that you can see where and when someone logs into your facebook account? If she wanted to she could see it was you.

  • i would do it. but i feel like its probally illegal if she was to find out


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