Best date? Worst date?

Best date? Worst date?

What's been your best date? Alternatively you can share your worst date as well!

For me best date was a romantic/spontaneous stay at a 5 star Hotel in the heart of the city with the man of my dreams (at the time). I remember waking up at dawn, seeing the beautiful city lights, the handsome man & thinking, is this a dream? If not it must be my lucky day! Lol


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  • Best date: I went Ice skating with a really nice girl

    Worst date: I went Ice skating with a really nice girl, who then didn't message me back


    • Aww that's happened to me also, it sucks!

    • My love life has been a real piece of shit ever since it started. I've asked 4 people out since I started dating 3 years ago, rejected 3 times, dumped the 4th.

    • So has mine that's why I'm 25 and still single, hopefully the love of our lives is out there, somewhere!

  • Just marry the money.


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