Didn't ask me out on a date but is going on holidays should I just give up?

The guy I've been getting to know didn't ask me out on a proper date and it was upsetting me, he told me to be patient. It was going so well between us just getting to know each other his been acting amazing it felt a little too good to be true but now I've found out his going on holiday on Sunday. So now I'm starting to think the real reason he didn't ask me out is because he had this holiday booked and he wants to stay single for it. I'm not even angry just disappointed if you were me what would you do?


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  • Who knows what his intentions are as far as his vacation... I think if I were in your shoes I wouldn't wait around for him if he isn't ready to commit on any level, if you have other guys who are interested in you and who ARE ready to start taking the relationship in a more serious direction, don't pass up on those opportunities in hopes that this other guy will come around. Maybe he will, but then again you might be waiting for a LONG time while he does his own thing.

    If you really like him and he treats you well and you don't mind laying low for a while, that's fine, but don't let too much time and too many opportunities go by because you're hoping that he's going to do what's right and properly date you.

    How long is he going to be gone for?

    • I just wanted to go with the flow but now I've hit a brick wall. About a month and a half but I was away for two weeks too but I told him about it and kept in contact while I was there. I feel like I should just forget about it now as I'm just wasting my own time.

    • Yeah maybe the best way to handle it is to not worry about it for now... if you guys connect later on, great... otherwise, go on living your life and don't wait for him. I would think if he was seriously interested he would have tried to solidify the relationship BEFORE the vacation.

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  • If I were you! I would go at him angry as hell and yell as hard as I can yell! PATIENT! WTF! Your going to tell what the fuck your talking about because for the matter fact I got other guys who wouldn't mind taking me.

    • Honestly honey you got wonder what his intentions are with you! Maybe it all just show and tell! Maybe he doesn't really honestly like you.

    • what are you going to do? Wait for him?

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  • Just HOW long have you been getting to "know" him.. Maybe its just too soon to expect so much.

    As for the holiday, maybe he had already prearranged this long before he met you.


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