Me and this guy have had a thing but have been fighting over rumors, haven't talked in over a week but he always looks at me when I'm not looking?

Basically, me and this guy have had a thing for a little over a month now, but recently have been arguing over cheating rumors and trust issues on both of our parts. He got upset with me after I got drunk and claimed, "he didn't like to see me that way" but got over it. Then we got in an argument over the fact that there were rumors going around saying he was telling people him and another girl were dating which he denied. Right after that argument, I left to go on a vacation for a week and told him I was sorry for bringing it up and I didn't want to end on bad terms so I would see him when I got back. He said he needed to think about what he was going to do with our relationship. That whole trip, there was no communication between either of us and now that I am back, he completely avoids eye contact, doesn't talk to me and we basically act like strangers except for the fact that he constantly looks and stares at me when I am not looking. Opinions? What should I do at this point?


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  • Oh boy. That's nasty. Try texting him to see what's up (b/c he doesn't need to make eye contact then) and maybe ask his friends what they think is going on. If he keeps this up, give up on him.


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