The yo-yo dating?

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who tries hard to get your affection then a little while after they do they go cold? Then blame it on you when you express that your feeling hurt by certain recent behavior?

They work ore hard to get your affection then leave you high and dry with nothing in return.
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  • Mostly it's people who get hurt for no reason who feels like that, and NOT because the other part does What you said.

    • I'm sorry I don't quite understand can you elaborate?

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  • I don't think you should be dating a guy like that. I bet your bitter about it and now you feel like an idiot for being with a guy like that. I don't think true love treats you like crap or yo-yo whatever.

    • Are you still with him?

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    • Does he even approach you and care? Because it seem to me like he doesn't! I don't know your relationship well but... it doesn't seem fair that you are trying your hardest and he not try... Again, talk to him try to talk to him with no BS! To spill to beans or whatever.

    • I am glad! And thank you for clarify me what trust really is! To me trust is when you love yourself that you won't let anyone hurt you! And if they do its bye bye.

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  • i was in a relationship like that but its was due to her depression.
    i stuck it out way too long before realizing that no matter what i did or didn't do would not change things and did i really want to keep dealing with these same probs for the rest of my life.
    it is incredibly draining mentally and emotionally and it just flat out sucks having a great few weeks and then 2 weeks of shit... and even knowing she had depression i could not help but feel like it was something i did or what not.


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