Girls, Would you date a guy who does not drive?

i ask this as i don't drive and was just interested to hear opinions on it
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  • Most likely, no I would not date a guy who does not drive. This is because driving is a necessary life skill. Even if you don't have a car or you live in an area where it makes more sense to take a subway or train. You never know what could happen where you may need to get behind the wheel of a car and know what you are doing. Also, my lifestyle involves a lot of events and hosting. I know a network of designers and make-up artists who may ask me to be apart of a local fashion show which is al all day affair. You show up to the vendor in the morning, rehearse with the particular runway style and the music, and get your hair and make-up done hours before the actual show. Then when the show starts, the designer you're modeling for may not go until 30/45 minutes into the event. It's a similar feeling with the dance performances I do: it's really nice to have the guy drive after performing and using excess energy. It's exhausting and it would be nice to have a guy who could drive me home after coming to support. I would make an exception if he was particularly outstanding or special and just teach him how to drive. But generally, I stay on the go and I need to date a guy who can keep up.


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