Should I make a move?

There's a man who although I don't directly work with we do cross paths working. (Not same companies but businesses that often mix) he's 4 years older than me.
I'm a very stubborn girl and he's quite the strong willed guy and when we communicate I feel there's a lot of tension due to the fact we clash but he often sends me smirks, winks and often compliments me. I return all flirting advances but should I ask him out? Or should I wait?
I'm very sexually attracted to him and I'm also certain he is to and to be honest I don't want to wait any longer but is it a bad idea to ask him out?
he jokes about taking me out and how fun it'd be but nothing else.

(By the way due to us working in separate companies any relations between us is acceptable)


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  • Just ask him out for a dinner. If he says no say okay then maybe next time and ignore him.


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