Girls, I don't understand how to behave anymore?

so i want to be sweet and caring, but to me it seems like that gets me nowhere i wanted not to just be blunt and ask someone out or ask their number.

appearently i shouldn't be shy in order to have success?
i am really confused and i would really like some help since i don't know how to ask a girl out anymore. i have a hard time understanding how i feel because of reasons hard to explain.

should i be more of an ass, more dominant, sweet and caring? i really don't understand the conflicting messages


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  • Sure thing sweetheart you have my number! LOL see thats what you need to do! Be a little flirty and funny and creative! It would totally get me off guard and get your number! Or you can be mysterious Or you could str8 up tell me your number!

    • haha saying stuff like:
      "you have the privilege of recieving my number?"
      "this is a matter of national security, i need your number"
      "i lost my phone number can i have yours?"

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    • also what if i know the person and wish to ask her out?

    • Just ask her... or tell her you need her number to ask her question in school.

  • Just be yourself, don't be something you're not.

    • myself is difficult since i can't really understand what i'm like :P

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