Does he no longer want to go on the date?

This guy I've been talking to fr three weeks now asked me out two weeks ago, originally I said that my weke was busy then the following week he asked me for lunch last minute but I was sick. I rescheduled and we agreed on Thursday this week and he said that worked that was yesterday and he just said do you have any place you want to checkn out and I said I dont have a preference. I can see he saw the fb message that was ystd at 4pm, he hasent answered back yet. The date is tmrw should I assume the date is off and make other plans or could he still be interested but trying to think of a plan?


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  • He might think you're blowing him off...

    • Well I just asked if he had a preference...

    • He might think you're playing games... He may want to proceed cautiously.

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