Where do I get a nerdy guy? I see so many guys complain about not having a girlfriend cuz girls don't date socially awkward nerds. So where are they?

I want a guy who is socially awkward and shy, in his mid to late 20s. Has only a few friends who are just like him. Someone who is not popular among the ladies and has never been in a proper relationship. Has an average face but due to a bad hairstyle and mismatched clothes looks below average. Likes animes and mangas and all that geeky stuff. Preferably into science and engineering or something with computers. has unpopular hobbies like playing d&d and various other board games.
Where is the best place to look for such a guy and how can I attract one! ?
I tried book stores and libraries but only hipsters go to book stores these days and libraries are full of college students.


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  • Lol enough trolling. , you really want one then you can easily find such guys, start by changing you profile status and let them know you wanna give such guys try message in inbox such guys always check you fb, twitter, and other online profiles. 2 when they message you in inbox.
    Flirt cause they suck at flirting, you need to be a bit pushy, and need to be into need stuff, like scientific research, theory, of you understand string theory you can easily win their hearts, they want girls with brain. You need to be into star wars and Avengers to be part of their life. You won't have their wallet or credit card to spent.
    They are too smart to tolerate, they are a phobic to specific stuffs.

    • I am not trolling. I'm a graduate student and I am an engineer. I am not into star wars because i don't generally like movies but I have read a lot and I find the fantasy genre quite interesting. The lord of the rings and harry potter books are among my favorite ones. I am not a theoretical physicist but I have a good understanding of different theories given my science background. I don't expect them to spend money on me.
      But even if I flirt with them they don't do anything! I could have hugged the door insteaf and the door would have been more responsive. They outright ignore all the hints!

    • Ha hahaha. It would be surprising if they got the hints... .

    • They freak out, cause they are nerds and they are never going to get a girl. And for nerds it's tougher to pick a signal from girl then solving a complex! Space time equation.
      You need to seduce them a lot! Like, touch them, rub your finger's on them and they guys are sexually dead. And most of them are virgins, they have no clue how to answer your signals

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  • You can't have mine, sorry :P

    I would try manga/comic stores, video game shops, arcades.

    • Where did you guys meet?

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    • That is so sweet!.. @AzureGirl, you are lucky

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  • The problem, I think, is you're looking for the Nerd Halloween Costume, not an actual nerd.

    • What do you mean?

    • It seems like you're looking for the Nerd stereotype from the '80s and earlier, and unfortunately, Big Bang Theory. Secondly, everyone is a nerd: there is no jock/nerd separation because a jock by definition is a sports nerd.

      I've had socially awkward moments because I was very shy as a child and I'm an introvert who doesn't like having to explain "the fact that I am alone does not mean I'm not having fun or that I'm lonely". The shy is gone, but introvert is permanent, and I don't like it when people confuse "being social" with "being an extrovert" either.

      I play role playing games, I program, I'm also a martial arts instructor.

  • We are out there. If you're looking for guys mid to late 20s they probably work late and don't socialise after work. Libraries are good but they would probably study at home if they still study. Have you tried conventions?

  • Yo are you a human? lol jk ,, the first time i ever see a woman like you... but no its definitely not me lol. Ummm i dont know where you can find a guy like that :/

  • I am usually at work, grocery stores, home, game shop and gym.

  • that is so much a man trolling/. so much. why want something like that? by the way i'm like that but tall and handsome. i just dress shit (appearence wise).

    • Why does liking those kinds of traits make the person a troll? Some girls really do want those traits in a guy.

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    • @supernerd99
      No i mean the regular studs you speak of arewomanizers. The engineers in my school are mixed. Some of them are nerds but they usually deny it so i can't get through to them. Well thanks for your advice.

    • well i see. you are quite socially inept and awkward yourself thats why you dont get it. if you are not interested in a stud with nerd's costume as we say you do. and you look for genuine nerds. whats the problem? you should be settled already? you want the stud but you want him to be dedicated only to you, and also be a bit nerdy as well so that you dont feel very awkward about yourself. come on. two quite nerds can't make it work. you can't be both indecisive and low profile. you still are a woman. you have needs. needs of security. being lead on by a man in a positive and synergistic way. you want to admire him and respect him. but even in one case in the billionth you are completely in sync and honest with what you want, and you can really take the scrawny beta guy, i still fail to see how it would work.

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