Oh, those guys... He hasn't texted me for 3 days?

I am seeing this guy. We have had only 4 dates since Sept, but have messaged each other almost every day.
Anyway, he hasn't texted me for 3 days...
He messaged me on Friday and tbh, I got a bit jealous at him, which he might have sensed (but I didn't express my jealousy clearly, so maybe he didn't know it). However, I realised that I got jealous without a reason and texted him on Sunday (since he hadn't texted me). We had a friendly chat and he again talked about other girls, which I was totally fine with.

But since Sunday, he hasn't texted me. As I texted him last time, I would say it's his turn to text me.
I read somewhere that guys need space after some time to think wheter the girl is right for them... I just wonder if he is taking space or has lost his interest...
What do you think? Or maybe you share your experiences?
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  • he lost interest.. don't waste your time waiting on him


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