Lots of people know who my crush is including her best friend. Please help?

Hi, so I have a big crush on this girl. She is pretty, we have so much in common and enjoy texting each other talking about our same interests. I tend to talk to her at school sometimes, but I can be shy and continue on with what I'm doing instead of instigating. About 12 people know who my crush is, including her best best friend. I'm afraid that she might tell my crush. Me and my crush talk so much via text, but rarely talk in real life. I've made moves to start a conversation and she continued on which I enjoyed. But keep in mind I'm shy. During times we don't talk, I'll look at her real quick and she is looking at me back too. We both like the same shows, same sports, same food, culture, and hobbies. I really look forward to being with her, but it's really hard and you guys don't know how hard it's for me. I think of her everyday, wanting to be the one of her life. I'm sad that she might know and might not even like me back anymore. I really need your support. Please leave answers below! Thank you so much 😊
  • Talk to her more often face to face.
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  • Keep texting her, learn a little more about her before making actions.
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  • If she shows some signs, ask her out.
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  • I feel like you should do a little of all three, and if her best friend tells her then in a way it could help considering you're shy. If she does know and continues talking to you then I would take that as a good sign!

    • Any tips on how to approach her? She always hangs out with her friends doing gymnastics or something. We have same math classes though.

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    • Yes, I've talked to her. But not as much as any other friend. We enjoy talking when it comes to that because we share our laughs, talk about the same interests. Knowing that she may know I like her makes me feel very very nervous and awkward to initiate a conversation.

    • If you don't want to jump into a conversation you could always just try small approaches like smiling and waving or saying hi while passing in the hallways to see her reaction and if anything has changed.

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