Am I being fucked up to him?

My guy friend told me over a year ago that he had feelings for me & i also had feelings for him so we started "talking" & that was on & off bc there were times where he'd ignore me for a couple weeks & then we'd hang out or talk a lot & he'd ignore me again for awhile. So i really got tired of his shit & confronted him about it. Told him he was playing games with me & he just said that it didn't seem like i wanted to be with him, he felt like he was the only one trying. So we dropped it for a little & decided we'd try again. Once again that shit happened. So i stopped talking to him & got rid of him from all social networks. It really sucked bc he would say anything to me & there i was running back to him. In the past couple months we started talking again. But this time his excuse for shit was that he worked a lot & was always tired but would still hang out with his friends every night. He flaked on me twice. He would lie to me about what he was doing so we wouldn't hang out. He was basically being an asshole, low key. Just recently i moved out so I've had more freedom. We've been talking more & hanging out but i feel I've lost all feelings for him & i can tell he still likes me. He keeps wanting to tell me something "important" but I do things like change the subject or tell him i dont want to hear it or just leave. He spent the night a few nights ago. I told him i wanted to cuddle& so he came over & again he wanted to tell me something important &this time i kept asking him what it was but he would say he forgot. Like he wouldn't have the balls to tell me. Then he said he wanted to ask me something but the only thing he said was "do you want" & then he stopped himself & never told me the rest. My friend told me that I'm leading him on but for some reason i dont even feel bad. He was hella happy when he left the next morning though. He even called off work to sleep in with me. We didn't do anything lterally just cuddled & slept


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  • I'm not sure if your side of the story is telling a complete picture. Is it possible you weren't showing enough interest in him when you were 'talking', maybe you didn't initiate with him?

    • Yeah maybe i wasn't showing too much interest but like what about now... I'm always asking to hang out and going to his house or telling him to come over. Its just easier now that im over it

    • I don't know I just got the impression that you guys got off to a bad start because you were acting so disinterested.

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  • I think he need to tell you wants on his mind! If you like it make it known! Don't hide it you seem to like him but I am not sure about your feeling.


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