Should I even bother with him?

Long story short, I've been eyeing a cute guy in my gym classes, but have never spoken to. He seems like a quiet guy, as keeps to himself during the workouts. He only speaks to the instructor if he's spoken to. The instructor happens to be a mutual friend of ours, but i haven't seen him talk to anyone else in the class. Honestly, I don't even know if he's single. I have started trying to make eye contact and smile at him (just to be friendly), but he doesn't respond. I think he is ignoring me on purpose. Based off this, should I even bother trying to get closer to him? He's not receptive to it.


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  • Maybe he's not interested. Maybe you met him before or he knows who you are and you just don't realize it (and, if that's the case, maybe he doesn't like you). But he might just be trying to make you wonder and do things like post this question on this site. I've played hard to get before when a girl makes it obvious she's into me. The timeless art of seduction.

  • He very well could be completely clueless to "hints". Try talking to him for a bit about whatever, it doesn't really matter what, and see if he goes along with it. If he doesn't than he isn't interested or taken. If he does than he very well might be interested. However, I know a lot of people, myself included, who are rather oblivious to "hints" and the like, so based off of what you have said its hard to say what exactly he wants.


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