Have you found the right person yet? would you ever say something like this?

me and a guy would i had fun with for a while but stopped due to him not wanting to get feelings for me work together. he was normal at first then started igorning me while making an effort with every other girl in there. one night there was a few of us talking and a friend of mine started asking him and his friends questions about girls over here (they are here travelling) and she asked any european girls for you, and he was stood behind me, my back towards him and he said no i haven't met the right one yet... i haven't even kissed a girl. later on my friend said that when she said that his friend pointed at me and smiled and the guy responded with a smile and nod. now i know that doesn't mean anything. but why would you as a guy say something like that in front of someone you have a little history with and won't speak to? is he making a point of letting me know that he definitely doesn't like me and never will?


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  • I did find my guy :)


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