i date paul, my exs friend , my ex dated ashley my friend after that and now he dates pauls ex? #ismyexdoingthistohurtme #shouldiremovemyfriend?

I've been dating this guy Andre in 2013 for two months, since we broke up I was crushed and i even cried in public for him, this friend Ashley knew how hard it was for me, she was kinda there this whole 2 years, she saw how i was destroying myself through all these years... this summer his bestfriend asked me out and i wanted to move on and go out with him because he made me happy... the problem was HE was Andre's friend. His name is Paul. He really loves me... He had a girlfriend before for 2 years her name is Laura. Now the thing is... i saw that Ashley and Andrei started to chat on facebook and she told me that they only talked about college... My current boyfriend told me that Ashley went out with Andre (my ex) and made out...(probably he told him cause they're friends) ... And Now Andre is going out with Laura ( my boyfriends ex)... what the hell? Did andre did this with Ashley to hurt me cause i date his friend and to hurt his friend dating his ex Laura now? i want to remove Ashley from my life cause she knew i still love him and went behind my back , probably she'll never admit she did and hoping i won't ever find out... luckily i did... What do you think Andre was thinking doing this? Should i remove her from my life? Was it wrong if i dated his friend (i only wanted to be happy he kinda made me happy after all this miserable years) ... can u help me please...


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  • You need to date outside this circle


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