Girls, what do you think of guys that are very direct? A turn on or turn off?

Alright say you are out, a guy comes up to you and says what is on his mind. Like for example, you look amazing, your are sexy, etc. But it is actually what he feels, a real genuine feeling. Then you guys go into conversation and talk for a few minutes. He gets to the point and asks for your number or asks you out completely. Is that kind of directiveness a turn on or a turn off? And if average looking dude did that, and you werent really attracted to them in the first place, would they be more attractive to you with that confidence.


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  • man it really depends. sometimes it's attractive, sometimes not. just depends on what he's saying. some guys need to learn that being direct ALL the time is not something we all like if the guy doesn't word his thoughts with consideration.

  • I would be flatered seriously it doesn't matter as long as your polite.


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