Spend most of my time depressed about women?

I've been through a lot of shitty relationships lately. And my problem is after one ends, i start another very quickly. I hate being alone. So not only am i still getting over my previous, im now trying to get over the one that i just broke up with. I just hate being alone. I must have a partner. I have plenty of friends, but that isn't enough. But now im just so depressed all the time.. How can i help myself?


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  • You need to learn how to be alone. It's the most valuable lesson ever. Just take time off from relationships, even if it makes you uncomfortable. Hang out with yourself, try to improve yourself. Focus on your own life and goals.

  • The reason you feel alone and depressed is because you are placing your happiness in someone else's hands... once they've gone then so is your happiness. Learn to enjoy life without being dependent on a relationship. Then you'll be able to be a stronger person and grow as a person.

    It's natural to want to share your life with someone, we all do, but the wrong relationship can make you feel more alone than being single.

    Failed relationships are never a waste of time , because even though they didn't bring you what you do want... they teach you what you don't want.

    Going from relationship to relationship is more likely to be the cause of your depression than being alone. Failed relationships can cause you to feel worthless and affect you emotionally. Try to adapt to being single for a while. You'll notice a huge difference In yourself.

    Depression is a signal that something needs changing in your life , so to change your life you have to do things differently from how you usually do them.


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