I will never love. I know it. Could you give me a reason to?

My boyfriend broke up with me today. He says he can't balance love, family and work. He says it's not me but i know it is. I know i built this wall around me way before him. I could see his concerns, so i wanted to open up. The day i wanted to was today. I was going to pretend I was ok but i can't take it. He became the thing i feared. The very day i develope feelings for him was the day he lost his. Us not dating is the best thing for him. I was going to final open up for the first time. I was going to try and make it work. I can never put myself in this situation again. I know im going to be alone. No one will love me. I don't.


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  • Focus on yourself. Develop some human capital (knowledge, skill, etc.) so that you will have self-respect.

    Create something or do something.


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  • focus on yourself find a new hobby or a new show on netflix.


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  • It just happened today you will prob find love next month

  • I know I'll die alone. I mean honestly just look how the bitches on here like me.


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