Girls, Would you date a guy who has pearly penile papules?

pearly penile papules: A clinical skin condition which affects the male genital organs.
They are totally harmless. I promise you.
Search it online if you don't believe me. I never had sex before and I'm wondering.
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What Girls Said 1

  • That sounds painful.

    • It's not really. They do nothing to my body or even hurt as a matter of fact. They're just there and I hate them so fucking much. Don't even know how I got them even though i never had sex before or actually got it from someone. The doctor told me that they are fine and won't do a thing. Sadly I'm stuck with them the rest of my life 😧. I really wish there was a cure to it but there aren't none said my doctor 😦

    • Have you been to a urologist?

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