What do you think, am I being ditched?

Second date goes well, due lack on his part. We had deep coversations, drinks, dinner, he pursues, being gentleman all, pays for everything. We are all lovey dovey, we spend the night at a fancy hotel, we do it -even though he can't get a hard on, we try twice. He had a few more drinks than he should and isn't a morning person, but we get breakfast. Go home early, take the same train, kiss and hugs exchanged. Then I don't hear from him, so I text him and tell him thanks again for everything. No reply. I wait one more day then I get the message above. I'm like WTF, then I write why and again next day, still no answer.
I am normally not that kind of a person who's quick in the action, but the chemistry was there, he showed me respect (until now) and I don't regret anything. He is much older than me and have demanding job. But was I being played?


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  • You're not exactly being played. Maybe he's genuinely busy, or he's seeing other girls as his more priority. You should reach out again to him TWICE, if he still seems not enthusiastic seeing you in person, it's better to move on.


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